Waffle Linen Washcloths - Made in USA

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Waffle linen washcloths are a simple luxury that leave your skin feeling clean, fresh, and new.

Highly absorbent, fast drying, and naturally antimicrobial, our pure linen washcloths are perfect for home, travel, yoga, spa, and sauna use.

Each thick linen washcloth has a loop for hanging and gets softer with each wash.

A practical, eco-friendly gift that is versatile, effective, and long lasting.

*Handcrafted in Limington, Maine.

*Our linen washcloths are made from 100% European Linen hand selected and sourced in the NYC Garment District.

Weight: 10 ounce

Size: 10"x10"

Care Instructions:

Machine Wash Warm.

Gentle Detergent. Tumble Dry Warm.

Remove promptly for best results.

*Pre-washed for added softness

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