Thick Waffle Linen Bath Towel Bundle - Made in USA

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We love the relaxed look, long-lasting durability and luxurious feel of these thick, 100% linen waffle towels.

Stronger and more absorbent than cotton, natural linen towels resist bacterial growth, and dry much faster than cheaper alternatives.

Flax linen textiles are sustainable, versatile, and easy to care for; a worthwhile investment for superior quality and lasting performance.

Our towels are made from 100% European linen fabric, hand-selected and sourced from top suppliers in the NYC Garment District.

Weight: 10 ounce


25” x 40” Bath Bundle Includes:
1 Bath Towel: 25”x40”
 1 Hand Towel: 16”x24”
 2 Washcloths: 10”x10”
30”x52” Bath Bundle Includes:
1 Bath Towel: 30”x52”
 1 Hand Towel: 16”x24”
 2 Washcloths: 10”x10”


Care Instructions:

Machine Wash Warm. Gentle Detergent. Tumble Dry Warm.                         

Remove promptly for best results.

*Pre-washed for added softness

*Made in Limington, Maine

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